We got so carried away with All Saints Day, we neglected to post these images from our walk to the cemetery. This is a monument where over 300,000 people were loaded onto cattle cars and taken to the gas chambers of Treblinka. The design is to represent a freight car opening into a rectangular shape of a train. It is a beautiful monument to such a tragic history. (I can't help but cry as I write this.)

Colin was taking a little rest from the long walk. I also find it chilling to see my child in this place. How many children like him passed through here?

We also passed this monument dedicated to the Fallen and Murdered in the East.
This is dedicated to the deported populations of Eastern Poland by the Soviets. The monument includes a railroad car like those used for the deportation and in the car are different symbols representing a variety of ethnic groups who were targeted.

The explanation on warzsawa.com also states that the places of areas that were emptied of Poles are listed here.
How is that for a lovely, light post? The history is overwhelming.


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