Since Brian did not need to go to rehearsal until 2:30, we continued our tour by walking up to Craigdarroh Castle. Colin thought we were quite rude to interrupt his TV watching this morning, we are such bad parents! Nonetheless, Colin was excited to see a castle and liked to talk about the kingdom and looked for thrones.

We would call this a follie and not a castle but we are picky like that. It was completed in 1890 after the man who commissioned it had died. He did not sound like a super nice guy.

Checking out the taxidermy owl who was watching us.
The interiors were beautiful. Seems extra appropriate to admire Victorian interiors in Victoria.

I think Jane is picking her nose in the formal dinning room (should have saved that for the breakfast room). We got a funny photo of Colin picking his nose at Versailles here.

Colin thought is was a little spooky. It would be an excellent backdrop for a Scooby Doo Mystery. We did not find any suits of armor, that would have been the kicker for our 4 year old.

In the observation tower. Our kids got very excited about the donation box. It was thrilling.

Brian playing an old Steinway in the ballroom. There was a sign stating that people who actually play the piano are welcome to play tasteful things.
Brian has the whole day off tomorrow and if we have good weather we are going to head over to Butchart Gardens.
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