Goat Stampede!

We are in a great apartment about a 5 minute walk from Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. Not only is there a great playground and beautiful flower gardens, there is a little petting zoo. It took the kids a little bit to warm up but they loved the goats! They were both very sweet and gentle. And we missed it today, but twice a day they have a goat stampede through the zoo. I am very excited to make it for the stampede another day.

This was our first goat friend, named Mario.

Glad this did not get poopy, although Jane would have been very amused to see a goat go poopy close up. She is very entertained by poopy. We had a thrilling discussion about how even animals go poopy while at the petting zoo.
Everything Jane was wearing is second hand, even down to her shoes and socks. I love to recycle and have had a lot of fun thrift store shopping for kids clothes, besides the great hand me downs from girl cousins.

We will most likely be back a few times to see our little goat friends.
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    Can't wait to see those photos!!!

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