Wedding #2

I posted some of my niece's bridal photos but never got to the wedding. It was a lovely (hot) day in St. George, Ut. Brian was in New York for a concert and even though I have shot many weddings without him, I am spoiled by him working as my photo assistant and lighting designer. I was a little sad to shoot without him but the light was great and we got some fun memories from the day.

The bride's brother is in Uganda on a two year mission so a photo would have to do. We missed Christian! He is doing great work in Africa.

I love the St. George Temple! So beautiful.

Maybe not the bride and groom's favorite photos, but I love these kind of out-takes.

It was about 112 degrees when we were taking these photos, don't they look great even in the heat? These photos are not even re-touched. Helps to photograph the young and beautiful.

There was a candy bar at the reception. Most of my photos of the candy have Colin in there somewhere.

Colin was very darling in his suit. Jane was darling too, guess I did not upload any photos of her.

My sisters. All four of my brothers were there too but we did not manage a photo. It is kind of a special occasion when we get together as a sibling set as we live in Seattle, Utah, Minnesota, Chicago, and Connecticut. It was a fun family day.
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  1. Jet said...
    I love the blond glasses. What beautiful Hinckley sisters!

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