Brian here.
The Sunken Garden. It was the penultimate evening of the lighted garden, and a beautiful starry night, so I thought there might be a pretty good crowd there. But we saw maybe 5-6 other people there. We really had the place to ourselves, and once the kids fell asleep in the stroller we got some nice snogging in.

When we went back to see the illuminated garden, the kids went in their jammies, and Colin was excited to get tucked into the stroller. He kept telling Jane to be quiet. I don't think he appreciated the focus light on the camera before this picture was taken. His hands pretty much stayed like this the whole time though.


In the Japanese Garden

The Italian Garden

Colin was laying down in the fully reclined bottom part of the stroller, and Jane was in the doubles seat fixed on the top (one of the configurations of the wonderful phil&teds stroller intended for a newborn and toddler). They weren't just stacked on top of each other as it appears from the position of their feet.

An evening at Butchart Gardens is well worth it, even with kids.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Not sure if it is the place or the skill in photography.. but the lights in the photos have been captured amazingly well..good work !
    Dave said...
    Anne, your photography is stunning and amazing!

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