We walked Brian to his evening rehearsal the other night and the camera was in the stroller. Downtown Victoria is very cute.

I liked the Cheshire Cat on the side of the old Carnegie Library. Who knew there were Carnegie Libraries in Canada?

We had hoped to go in the English Sweet Shop but it was already closed. Sad.

The Korean store saved the day, banana milk almost just like Japan! (In Japan we got it in cans.)

We also got some Nanaimo bars this week, since we could drive to Nanaimo. Strangely Colin would not eat his. He has been terrible recently not trying new foods, even when they are chocolaty and creamy. It is kind of driving us crazy when he refused to eat things that we know he likes. I don't like it when dinner becomes a power struggle. He was funny after he would not have his Nanaimo bar because after I had said no to making him chocolate milk, he came back with "but I did not have my other chocolate treat so I choose chocolate milk instead".

Jane, still with a lot of lunch on her face, had no trouble trying a new treat, first smashing it to see what happens.


  1. Joshua Tolley said...
    I agree Victoria's a pretty place... unfortunately, for me it will always be the place where a seagull passing overhead happened to have perfect aim.
    susan m hinckley said...
    It was always quite hard to keep up with my kids and food -- what may have been the favorite food last week was often hated the next week, and sometimes never touched again. It got quite exhausting trying to remember what foods were okay and what weren't -- I still can't keep track of who likes what. And now that Chelsea eats salmon?! The world's gone mad.
    Toni Tralala said...
    These are such beautiful photos! I would love to visit a place that looks as rustic as this one.

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