(Still at Butchart Gardens) Much to our children's delight, there is a new carousel that opened just last year.
Jane, who rode the Matterhorn at Disneyland as a 1 year old, was a little nervous when the ride started to move. To try and make her feel better, I opened my mouth really wide.

She recovered quickly from any unsure feelings.

We ate ice cream.

Climbed look outs.
And came down again from said look out point.

The kids played with gravel for a long time.

And we spent a lot of time on this horse. We have no ideas what Jane is doing here, just being a 2 year old.

More silly faces.

And more nose picking. It looks like I am about to join in, maybe showing Jane how to best execute a straight finger pick.

We walked back to the Japanese Gardens.

While running over this stone path, we were lucky only Colin's foot went in. We could have had a very wet boy.

Just one more Butchart Gardens post to come. I'll have to have Brian post it since he is the night photographer.


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