Brian at work

We recently got to preview the production photos so here are a few from Brian's current show (entire album of photos here) I love this photo of Brian's entrance. Kind of funny that Brian's work is a spectator sport. No one wanted to come and see me practice social work.
This is Brian's 4th time in La Cenerentola, Rossini's take on Cinderella. There are some really nice differences to the Disney version of the fairy tale (maybe Rossini's version is closer the the original, I do not know). Brian plays Prince Ramiro who needs to marry. His tutor Alidoro goes out into the kingdom to find a girl worthy of the Prince. Alidoro is dressed as a beggar and at Cenerentola's house her sisters despise him but she shows him kindness. Alidoro then sets things in motion for Cenerentola (her name is Angelina) and the Prince to meet. The Prince wants to know that the one he marries really loves him and not just his title of Prince so he changes places with his Valet Dandini so he can observe. There is much hilarity in the in between or course as it is comic opera. When it works out that Cenerentola is to marry the Prince, her revenge on her step sisters is to show them kindness and forgiveness. It is really a better telling of the story in my opinion, a better moral.

Another difference to the Cinderella I grew up with is there is a wicked step father instead of step mother. Here is Brian threatening the step father and the step sisters since they are so terrible to Angelina.

It has been a really great group of singers here, very nice people and they work great as an ensemble.

Brian's big aria where he declares he will find her. He sounds really great and feels like the aria is in a good place now. (It is a hard role to sing.)

The sets have all been very cool and built for this show, as were the costumes.

Brian worked with Tyler who is here playing the fake Prince last year at the Princeton Festival. Our kids love him! He is very funny as the fake Prince. Julie has been a great Cinderella, very lovely voice.

Marianne and Marion, the step sisters. Very funny.

Happily Ever After, but Brian goes home with me.
Bravo Brian!


  1. Julie said...
    This is a VERY cool post! Thanks for sharing. I like your retelling of the plot, it does sound nice(r). Gorgeous costumes too. What a cool job! & Yes, very good that he gets to go home with you :)
    malia said...
    That is SO awesome. I loved seeing those pictures and wish so very much that I could see him in one of these amazing productions!!!

    And I love your ending about him getting to go home with you. I think that's a happy ending. :)

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