French Beach

On yet another recent day off we drive to French Beach. (We love the opera singer schedule! But it is not all play, the show opened this weekend and is really awesome! I have seen Cenerentola at least 8-10 times and this is by far my favorite production! We have loved Pacific Opera, very lovely company and Brian is working with some really great singers.)

With the huge rocks, as the waves would go back out there was this very cool, very noisy noise. (Don't quite know what to call it, it was unlike anything I have ever heard. Brian poetically said something to the effect of it was like the ocean was breathing in and out.)

Jane loves rocks.

Getting some comfort after throwing a rock on her own head.

And there was a playground, we do not need much more.


  1. Kristy said...
    I love the beach pics. My boys would love to just stand and throw rocks in the water. I want to escape the craziness of Delhi and go the beach with you guys!!!!
    Grericag said...
    So fun to catch up on your recent pictures and stories! I love reading about your ventures to fun places. I'm guessing that you guys are coming home soon...we look forward to getting together! The mountains are beautiful with all the vibrant colors - we should plan a bbq in the canyon...

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