Now to play some catch up. Seems like another world ago that we were in Victoria but it was just a couple weeks ago. (I was able to travel to DanaLee's funeral in NC last week, it was such a beautiful service and quite a few of our college friends were able to come from around the country. I am so grateful I was able to make it but still slightly feel like I have been hit by a truck. Thanks to all the messages from friends and family. I even got a card in the mail from my sister-in-law, how awesome is that? As sad as I am for my loss of a great friend, I am devastated for Danal's parents loss.)
SO, in the photo above, a couple days before we left Victoria we had another lunch at our favorite fish and chips at Fisherman's Warf. Totally the real stuff, we had not had fish and chips that good since England. Not something we should eat every day but every now and again it is very nice.
Also about the photo above, some people took it for us who recognized Brian from the opera the night before. It was the first time Brian has been recognized totally out of context from a show, he felt quite famous. There were very nice people. When Brian was talking to them I was trying to get his attention to help me clean up the milk that Jane had spilled everywhere! Oh well, he needs to attend to his public.

One of the milks, pre-spill.

There were very cute little seals to look at. We saw seals a couple of other places in the water too while we were there.

The kids got hot dogs (did not want to waste the beautiful fish on kids who will not appreciate it). Sadly we do not have more photos of our last days in Victoria. We spent a fun afternoon at the BC Museum with some of the great friends we made in Victoria and we had some friends and family come to visit and catch the last opera. We then spent a couple days with Brian's parents in Washington and drove all the way to Utah in one day. I wish we had realized you could rent Red Box movies and return them anywhere sooner, it is so brilliant for car travel! We got a new fun movie for the kids to watch in Oregon, returned it and got a new one in Idaho that we the returned in Utah. Anything that makes it easier I say. The kids are such great little travelers but it is so, so nice to be home.

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    love your haircut, ann. fun pic of the whole family eating fish and chips :)

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