Sidney Aquarium

Some friends we met here in Victoria suggested we meet at the Sidney BC Aquarium. They had this great exhibit for the kids to get in the tank. I realized I should have crawled under, it looks very cool to see the fish like this!

They had a fun projection on the floor that rippled out like water. It was great too because as you enter the Aquarium, they have you go down in a submarine, such fun!
Jane contemplates the touch tank, and the jelly fish. I find jellyfish quite bizarre.


  1. Anna said...
    Cool photos!
    jessiev said...
    oh! we LOVE aquariums. i'll add this to the list!
    malia said...
    Those are some awesome pictures. Is it totally weird that I want to blow up that last picture of the jellyfish and put it on my wall? Because I love it.

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