This is our first Halloween at home since Colin was born, although Brian is in New York. Colin has had Halloweens in Connecticut, Kansas City, Southern California, and Warsaw, Poland. Back in September I saw these super hero dress ups and thought they would be fun for Halloween and beyond. Jane is delighted to be a super hero (a true sibling with an older brother). I think they are pretty dang cute, but besides Brian I am the most biased person in the world to think my kids are cute.
They had to do some running around like super heroes.

Our neighborhood tick or treats on Saturday so we have already made the rounds tonight. It was quite rainy today and I considered taking them to the mall to trick or treat. Glad I did not because what I love most about Halloween is that we can just ring neighbor's doorbells and have a little chat. We headed out with umbrellas but the rain tapered off and we did fine. The kids LOVED it and where so cute. There were two houses where people in masks gave candy which both made the kids nervous and got them a little excited. Colin was happy to meet a real nice monster (even though I told him over and over it was just pretend and for fun.) We only made it trick or treating about 2 blocks but thanks to small treat baskets, we filled up and came home. The excitement was too much for Colin, he fell asleep on the sofa. What a great night for no teeth brushing.

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  1. Julie said...
    Well, Ann, they ARE so very cute! My great grandpa Tree used to always tell my grandmother when she'd call to brag a little, "Norma, every old crow thinks her's are the blackest!" It is true, our kids are the best ;) & you have super heros to boot!!!!

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