Evening Victoria

Brian is the pro night photographer, I totally do not have the skill he does to get photos like this. And we keep forgetting to travel with a tripod. Anyway, our hotel is about 3 blocks from this lovely harbor. We would be happy to make a month in Victoria an annual Stuckihouse event.

The Empress, in all her majesty. The other night when Brian was working and the kids and I were on a walk we took a little self guided tour through the Empress due to a 4 year old's potty emergency. We would love to go to tea but not sure it is in the budget.

Parliament, I love the lights!

The Empress from across the harbor. The kids and I have taken several night time walks down by the water while Brian has had evening rehearsals, but I kind of panic when they get too close to the actual water.

And finally, admiring a candy shop that was thankfully closed.


  1. Julie said...
    Those are beautiful photos! Your comment about the candy store being closed, thankfully, made me laugh :)
    Looks like a beautiful city.
    Ann said...
    Thanks Julie! And we still need to meet the little guy who is not so little anymore. Sorry about newborn photos, we can do some Fall ones to make up when we are back as the belated happy baby gift!
    Jeanie said...
    In the photo with the bus, Brian should photo shop out the curb and the garbage can, then it will look like you placed your kids right in front of a moving bus for a photo. I think that would be funny, you probably don't.
    Ann said...
    yes Jeanie, very funny until it is reported to child services.

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