Since Brian is gone at work for a good portion of the day, the kids and I are settling into our something of a routine. We go on walks and go out to play. Thankfully on our first day here I noticed something of a park between these buildings that is not too far from our apartment. And there is a direct view of St. Peters from where we play.

With the kids one day I walked to the Piazza del Popolo. I just had our little camera and somehow had the white balance set not for outdoor light. So here are just a couple of quick shots.

This walk should not have taken quite as long as it did but sometimes it feels like I have to stop every 5 feet to take care of someone. Oh well, they are cute kids.
Since we did not play at the Piazza del Popolo, we went back to the little park we know. We have not found so many playgrounds in Rome but we met a very nice family who took us to a great park yesterday. (Sadly, no photos). The family has two kids our kids' ages so they know the family friendly things to do in Rome. Yay!

Not really a flattering photo, the kids were being a little crazy when I took this photo, Jane with Nutella face and Colin, I don't know. All I remember was it was an evening of high needs.


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