Brian did not have to rehearse until 3 pm today so we headed out for a couple hours with Daddy before his work. Brian had not been to the Piazza del Popolo so that was our first stop. To the delight of our children, there were great bubbles.

Then we went near the Spanish Steps and ate some pizza. Brian and I shared a very yummy mushroom slice, I would kind of like some more right now. It is funny because I came to Italy when I was 17 with my family and my mom remembers getting the fold over pizza by the Spanish Steps in Rome on that trip too. We were robbed on that trip so that is my main memory of Rome from years ago. (It is a crazy story, my Dad was pick pocketed in the train station, an on off duty police man saw it all happen and missed his train home to help us. The pick pocketer was in jail the next day but sadly he handed off my Dad's wallet so still a big problem, since he even got my Dad's passport. So nice to have the help of a stranger.)

A view of the Spanish Steps from a few blocks away. It was crazy warm here today, like in the high 50's so pretty much everyone was outside.
After Brian had to go to work, I headed back across the river to the Castel Sant' Angelo as there is a small playground in the back. We walked home through Vatican City and had such lovely end of the day light. (No photos, I was just trying to get home before Jane fell asleep. The kids sleep has been very off but they were both asleep before 9pm tonight, yay! Jane has been staying up until about 11:30 pm so this is very exciting to me.)

Amazingly, Jane with her finger in her mouth and not her nose. It was a good Saturday. We are very much in love with Rome.

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  1. Grericag said...
    Ahhh, reading your blog makes me nostalgic for Italy! I absolutely love Rome. We are hoping to go next fall. The burrata looks amazing! mmm. I thought it was funny how Brian said the restaurant with bad food (where you ate on New Year's) should be ashamed because they know they are serving bad food! So true. Enjoy your next couple weeks and we'll see you when you get back!

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