One of our local parks is behind the castle. Not too bad. Most afternoons we head out to a park. It is nice, the kids and I take it pretty easy in the morning just because we can mostly. After lunch we head outside to burn some energy. Then we come home to art and music time, eat some dinner, and try to wind down to bed. Today not going so well, it is 10:15 and Brian is down stairs roughhousing the kids. We went out for a Roman meal tonight and ate at about 8:30 pm and the kids do not sound anywhere near being ready for bed. Very great meal though just in our neighborhood. We will never eat in a tourist place again!

Our friends helped us find this park too, it is our kid's favorite within walking distance. Colin was having a picnic on the toys.

Jane routinely does things two year olds should not do. I have seen kids Colin's age and older be afraid of climbing this rope ladder, but not Jane. No limitations for her.

The kids' favorite park has a nice view.

At yet another park, Colin found a comic that he wanted to recycle.

The kids love playing post office. We mail all sorts of things all over the world.

We watched a show about ninjas this morning, which prompted the wearing of Colin's ninja shirt today.

After walking through St. Peters and playing at the Castel Sant' Angelo, we walked to the Piazza Navona, mainly just because we can. We enjoyed admiring all three fountains. It was a lovely day with some sun and close to 60 degrees. It is kind of hilarious because we are out in just sweaters and light jackets but the Romans are still dressed for about 30 degree weather. One would think you could take off a scarf but I guess not.


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