Skipper goes to Italy

We did not get a Skipper photo until our last day in Rome. I love that we also got the nice little couple to the right in the photo. Our last week in Italy brought Colin a fever, a cold for me, some very crappy weather but thankfully, the last day was beautiful.
We found this park near the Colosseum and there were some amazing ruins right behind. Seriously, one month in Rome was not enough time to enjoy this amazing ancient city. I feel so bad for the American tourists who think they can see everything in 2 days. (I was one of them once, can't be too critical. But that is such the wrong way to travel!)
We ended up exploring lots of Rome's many, many churches. Our kids liked the churches and were fairly well behaved. (In a church in Jerusalem with 1 year old Colin, he once started meowing very loudly. It was funny and embarrassing.) It was not a trip for museums this time with a 4 and 2 year old, but we have the rest of our lives for museums. I have many future posts coming of all the churches were we wandered. We took a walking tour through Rome's Jewish Ghetto (on a very rainy day) and sadly, we did not get to go in the Synagogue. We would have loved to see it as it is a very different style than all the baroque gold we saw in most of the other churches. And we walked through in the wrong time too as we saw a falafel place that looked awesome!
This was the last photo I took in Italy, Jane running toward a very busy road. She totally bolted. I still kind of cannot believe we just spent the month in Rome. We have been home 3 days now and the kids slept most of the night, so why was I up at 5am? Jet lag gets worse as I get older. The kids were so great on our very long trip home (about 15 hours of flying and 5 hours in airports). We will be very happy to be in one place for the next little while. And I need to get some Mexican food today! I am craving fish tacos from Lone Star!


  1. Mrs. M said...
    Glad you're back home. It sounds like it was an amazing month.
    Jeanie said...
    Isn't it better to see Rome for 2 days than to not see it at all? Not all of us have the opportunity to spend a month there you know.

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