Teatro Dell' Opera

Our time in Italy is winding down. We have so many things to post that may have to wait until we are home. We burned through our allotted internet minutes and have to pay as we go now. We will be a little excited to return to our fast, reliable, unlimited and cheap access at home! Here are just a couple of recent photos. Brian had a little errand to check in on at the opera so we let the kids get happy meals (and sadly they got the same toy they had gotten this summer at home but they were still happy!) Then the kids had fun running the red carpet outside Opera di Roma while we waited for Brian.
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The opera opened on Tuesday night. As Brian is covering the tenor role, the other tenor was unwell for the final dress and Brian got to go on. It was a good experience for him as he learned he is able to jump in (since covers do not get as much rehearsal) and he would very much love another shot at it with a performance. Of course we wish the other tenor well, but one show would be amazing!

We like views like this.
Colin found a place to be a statue.
In other good new, we found THE place to get gelato!!!! It is just far enough off the tourist road that is is not overpriced and totally amazing gelato! We have had a couple better eating out experiences too, but Brian has mainly made us food at home as the ingredients are so great here. We live near the best fresh food market in Rome, which has been lovely.

The Spanish steps, from the bottom and the top, just if you are wondering.
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  1. Sarah M. said...
    Great little tip on the gelato. I'm going to remember this cause I am going to Italy some day!! Good luck on your trip home.

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