New Years Eve and Day

Welcome 2011! On New Years Eve we went over to Trevi Fountain. We are very much looking forward to many of the tourists going home so we can throw some coins in for luck.
To celebrate the New Year we ate some really bad food. We realized too late NEVER to eat at a place where they speak English to you! We got sucked in because we were hungry and the place looked easy with a stroller and kids. Brian said everyone working there should be ashamed because they know they are serving bad food. I have had a couple other bad experiences this week, we will need to try much harder.

Last night we also walked around the Pantheon but we did not get photos yet. Not too impressive though, it is only from 125 AD. Our friend sent us a funny message saying how sorry she is for us to spend time in a city that is all ruins. We do very much have the luxury of staying for a long while so we will get back in times that are not the New Years holiday. And the actual New Year at midnight sounded like a war zone. We are in a quiet little neighborhood but it was anything but quiet. Our kids were up too late and Colin fell asleep about 10 minutes before midnight and slept through all the noise.
Headed over to the Colosseum today, dating back to 80 AD. It was closed for the holiday so we will head back another time. It was supposed to be sunny today but no, gray and light rain. Oh well.
(below) The Forum was also closed but we were able to peek.

Jane loves to find little places to sit down.
The Arch of Constantine.

And below, Jane running away.


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