It has been sunny and close to 60 degrees all week, perfect for gelato! Sadly, this gelato was very over priced as were were closer to the Colosseum than we realized. You very much get taken as a tourist, and it is crappy to know it!
Our stopping was to try and keep Jane away but we stopped too soon and she was asleep not long after this. It is hard because if she naps now, she stays awake until about 11:30 pm. We are in a hard pattern and very much have a night owl.

Wonder how long the funny smile phase will last, 15 years?
Brian near the Wedding Cake building.
And actually both kids fell asleep this day. Colin fell asleep with a lollipop in his mouth but when I tried to take it out, he woke up and popped it back in his mouth and kept sleeping. I felt like a great parent.
Wandered over to the Campo di Flori. There are some very great neighborhoods over here. They had some grape hyacinths that would have been fun to take back to our little apartment. Instead we were lured into our favorite fancy soap store Lush which was just up the block from here. I love their shampoo soaps for travel and I was nearly out of the sea salt scrub. As they do not have a Lush in SLC, it is something we love and a souvenir. We have now followed Lush through 5 countries. About 10 or so years ago when I was returning from England with a Lush bath bomb in my carry-one luggage, the security could not tell what it was in the x-ray and had to check it out. Thankfully it was not taken from me, although it was a very, very messy bath bomb full of flower petals.


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