Colin brushes sheep at the little farmers interactive area. He was a good farmer and it was a nice attraction for the kids, but I was lamenting the absence of a petting zoo. No petting zoo! I suppose there are too many liabilities involved. Some kid gets foot and mouth from a pygmy goat and the fair gets closed down by a law suit.

Here's Colin's victory shot as a future farmer of America.

I had a big problem with the food choices at the Utah state fair. At Indiana's fair, every where you looked you saw somebody deep frying some new unlikely thing- Not to mention the Pork Tent, where we spent a very romantic first wedding anniversary. But the Utah fair gives us "Panda Express". Like we can't get that at the mall food court.

Here's one cool thing. There was a dutch oven cooking competition, and this is one of the dessert entries. It was nice to see a pie entry in the Dutch oven competition, as there was NO PIE IN THE HOME BAKING COMPETITION. What kind of state fair doesn't have pie judging?!! The lady I questioned about it said something about problems with lack of refrigeration. I'm pretty sure pies pre date refrigerators by a considerable margin. Like the pioneers refrigerated their pies. Boo!
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  1. DanaLee said...
    Proof positive that you should come to NC for our state fair next month--deep friend pickles, twinkies, oreos, snickers, cheesecake, and funnel cake. A don't think for one second you would adore the hog races!
    Brian said...
    Hi Danal

    We would love to come and see you AND your fair! Sadly, we go where the opera takes us and it makes leisure travel no fun anymore.

    Great double negative in the last sentence. We got a little lost in the comment, but I think you were saying we would enjoy the hog races. We would love some hog races!
    DanaLee said...
    Yeah, that is what happens when you are writing at the crack of dawn and don't proof anything. The sentence should have read

    "And don't think for one second you wouldn't adore the hog races."
    jungleprincess said...
    Great photos! I'm also sad about the butter wasted in that huge butter sculpture. Why didn't they use margarine?

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