Little Cottonwood

The other afternoon we decided to go up Little Cottonwood Canyon, since we both had not been up there for a while. We got up to the Albian Basin above Alta. Brian took this nice wildflower/mountain shot.

We went up the canyon earlier than we had planned because Colin decided he only needed a 30 minute nap at home. He also figured out how to get out of his crib. He has been working on this one for a few weeks. I would love to see how he actually does it. I caught him with his foot over the side a few times, but we have yet to witness the entire escape process. The crib was his one last place of confinement but alas, no more. Colin will not be confined.
Since Colin was still tired, he slept in his stroller over very rocky terrain. (See above) We are still very in love with our jogging stroller. In the recline it rocks the baby as the stroller goes over bumps. I could go on and on about the stroller as it is quite the wonder stroller. It was the product of a full blown stroller obsession that took place while we were in Israel.

View from near one of the Alta lodges.

We were lucky to see the tail end of the summer wild flowers in the mountains. I think the meadows were probably quite spectacular a few weeks ago. We are looking forward to fall colors in the canyons now.

Random garden eggplant still life. I love how shiny they are. Brian grilled one of these for dinner last night.

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  1. singin'mama said...
    Hey! Reading your blog makes us miss you guys a ton! Colin is getting so big! And I especially loved the exhibit of the pie. Maybe someday soon we'll get to sample that in person.
    andi,andi,andi said...
    You think you have a stroller issue? HA! I would have more kids just to have an excuse to buy that last perfect stroller!

    ps. I hope we have better 3-D visiting Karma when you guys get back.
    stuckihouse said...
    Kara! We miss you all too! I need to track down your cell number and give you a call.

    And Andi, we will have better visiting Karma soon. We are in Atlanta this week, but will be home the week of Sept. 24. But have you checked out the Phil and Ted as the perfect stroller? I only wish I had gotten it sooner.

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