Below are a few photos and thoughts about our experience at the Utah State Fair- courtesy of Brian As you can see, I'm crowing about the fair in very dubious fashion. We did enjoy ourselves, and got our 8 dollars worth, but some things in comparison with the grand fairs of the midwest came up a little short. Indiana's state fair is about 4 times bigger than Utah's, which doesn't necessarily make it better, but you just can't be totally happy with your fair experience without some deep fried cheese curds. Indiana also had what was billed as the world's biggest pig.

The butter sculpture was suitably huge and gross, as we had heard the butter has been recycled for three or four years. Sad, because I love butter.

This is a novel way to present garden produce for judging. This one apparently won a blue ribbon. I wish we had made an entry. We could have done something killer with one of Ann's mom's eggplants. We did like visiting the fair early on, so all the produce wasn't rotting. The last few years we came in on the tail end, and things didn't look very fresh.

This rooster won some kind of prize. He looks very proud of himself.

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