The Great Escape

Here are a few more photos from the concert in Atlanta. The performance was last Saturday and was a very cool program- very eclectic. The Southeastern Festival of Song ( if you want to see more pictures and info) operates on the philosophy that good music is good music, regardless of the genre. So they will go from Paul Simon to Schubert in the same set of songs. One of the audience favorites was a rendition of Bruce Springstein's 'State Trooper', sung by the quartet with guitar and Brian playing weird traffic sounds on his cello. We all had a great time and hope to work with Sefos again soon. It is a great foundation.

Brian rehearsing with Kathy the night before the concert.

Running through "I'll Fly Away" with the Atlanta Boy Choir before the performance.

Singing a French madrigal about the joys of gossip.

A photo of the cast.


  1. april said...
    sorry, can't see any pictures.

    was that the same "i'll fly away" that's on the "o, brother, where art thou?" soundrack? i love that song.
    stuckihouse said...
    I think Brian re-posted photos. Is that better?

    We just worked out an actual Internet connection in our house, so things are great.

    And yes, "I'll Fly Away" was on that soundtrack. I also love the song. It was very great with the singers and the boy choir. Brian has a recording we will have to get you sometime, and a cd may be released of the concert sometime in the future.
    april said...
    can see the pictures now. sure looks like everyone had fun.

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