We feel kind of like we live in the Garden of Eden right now. Colin loves to go out to the vineyard and pick fruit right off the vine. Ann's mom is keeping bees on the property right now, which seems to have contributed to a bumper crop of grapes.

Colin with his mouth stuffed with grapes, reaches for his next victims.

After the grape feast, Colin helped his Nana dig some potatoes for supper.

Resting after the harvest.
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  1. malia said...
    Ah to be outdoors, to lay on the grass, and to eat things straight from the vine....how lovely. Don't do much of that in New York. Wouldn't be too smart. Love them apples! And Give Colin a hug from me...not that he'll remember who I am... :)
    rusted sun said...
    I miss the Hinckley house. Last night I even dreamed that I was living there.

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