Autumn Storm

We decided to take a little trip up to Park City after Colin's nap yesterday. Fall is arriving to the mountains- see beautiful foliage below.

It seemed as thought the fates were not going to support a fun outing as we got stuck in traffic for almost an hour on I-80 due to the remains of a widfire and then hail, deluge and 30 degree temperature drop right as we reached the Park City limits. I was not having a very good attitude at this point, but Brian parked, and we ran into a little souvenir shop to see if the rain would end. I bought a little happiness in the form of a fizzy beverage.

The rain did end pretty quickly, and then the sun actually came out. I love it when the sun shines against a black storm sky. We ended up having a lovely time wandering around Main Street, looking in some of the shops, pretending that we might actually be interested in buying that cool $450.00 green pearl necklace the shop keeper was showing me. Colin chose our dinner place. We were letting him walk up the sidewalk and he suddenly darted into a pizza place. They had cleverly placed a big Lego table right by the door and Colin was on it, playing furiously- so pizza it was.

There was beautiful light on Mt. Olympus when we arrived home. I love beautiful light.
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  1. jungleprincess said...
    D and I love the photos on your blog. Of all the blogs I visit, yours is the most beautiful.
    stuckihouse said...
    Oh Jungleprincess, you are too kind. We only wish we could see you all more often.

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