Table Knives

Colin has had a recent obsession with my Mom's table knives. As pictured above, one even had to come with us on our hike. Knives are the first thing he asks for upon waking, but I have not let him take them to bed, or around other children. We saw a little boy at Church today who was carrying around two soft, stuffed animals. Brian asked why our child cannot like soft things. He is a funny boy.

Just a cute photo of Brian and Colin walking back to the car. Brian said to please excuse his sweaty back. It was still a bit hot and Brian had about thirty pounds of baby on him. I could not take a turn due to recent, sad back problems brought on by 40 hours in the car and a compressed vertebrae. (Very sad, but we are working on it.) Back problems are for people older than me, but I sometimes forget we are advancing in age. Brian and I met fourteen years ago, which seems crazy.
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  1. malia said...
    Ha! That is so funny about how he is obsessed with knives. I can totally hear Brian asking that question too. Hopefully it is a phase that he will grow out of. :)
    DanaLee said...
    First spoons and now knives...maybe he is destined to be a chef! Even better maybe his love of dishes will make him want to help with chores like dish washing and putting away!
    stuckihouse said...
    We very much hope he grows out of the table knives. We are trying to limit them and take them away with re-directing. It is just Colin does not re-direct so well a lot of the time(so it becomes a knife tantrum). He knows what he wants and can be quite determined. We hope this will be a good skill someday, and I hope it will soon not involve knives. I miss Colin and his spoons!

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