Colin and his cousin Evan as dragons for Halloween.

Colin learned to crawl to the cello
when he was around 6 months.
Brian would move around the room
and Colin would crawl to him.
As an almost 9 month old, he wants
to help play a little too much sometimes.

He loves the piano.

Colin is cuter then the sum of his parents.

A beautiful day at the mountain.

Baby Colin happy to be home for a few weeks.

In Canada on our way home from New York the end of August, 2006

On a little hike this summer

Early smiles, when he was still so little

Minutes old. . .

Ann's Birthday with the new baby, March 5, 2006

We have had a very eventful year so far. Since so many friends and family never know where we are or where we are going, here is a quick summary:

  • Jan. 2006-Brian spent three weeks in the Tri-Cities of Washington for a production of the Barber of Seville with the Washington East Opera. Ann went to see him 35 weeks pregnant.
  • Feb.-Baby Colin was in a hurry to be born and rushed into the world almost three weeks early. He is a very dear boy.
  • April- Brian finished his Masters of Music at IU in voice and cello.
  • April-May- We spent 4 weeks in Detroit where Brian performed La Cenerentola with the Michigan Opera Theatre .
  • end of May- Brian had a brief trip to Germany for an audition while Ann unsuccessfully tried to pack and get the house ready to leave for the summer.
  • June, July, and August- We lived in Richfield Springs, NY where Brian was an American Young Artist with Glimmerglass Opera. He covered Almaviva in the Barber of Seville and Ann and Colin went on lots of walks.
  • September- home to Indiana. We took a little vacation at home, but also traveled to Chicago and Seattle to visit family.
  • October- we are staying in Connecticut with my brother's family so Brian can be closer to NYC for auditions. When everyone is home, there are nine people and a dog. The cousins have a lot of fun together and we appreciate their family supporting the arts.
  • Upcoming: We will be in Dallas November-mid December where Brian again is involved with the Barber of Seville (Dallas Opera). It a year of Rossini, all Rossini, all the time. You can hear Brian on his agent's website:
  • December- we hope to be home again in Indiana for the holidays, unless the condo sells and we become homeless.

During all of this time, I was making sure the baby was fed (a full-time job with a baby who is a slow nurser, seriously 8 hours a day when he was a newborn.) I have continued my work with the Esther Foundation but sadly, due to the IRS this job will be concluded the end of October. I have been doing a great deal of photography work. Brian is my photoshop editor and lighting designer and it is turning into a fun little family business.

So this is a little new and scary as I have not done much with blogs, but since we are always on the road as a nomadic opera family, we thought it might be kind-of a fun way to keep in touch. Is that kind of how this works? My main blogging experience has been when a nameless friend shares with me how she loves to look at stranger's blogs. It is high tech voyeurism. Anyway, welcome to Stuckihouse.