Beware the Red Ninja!

She usually also adds bunny ears to be a Bat Bunny but for some reason when we did a trial run on Saturday, just wanted to be a bat.

Super sweet baby Bunny!
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First snow

We had our first snow on Oct 6th! It basically went from about 80 degrees to snow. The kids were delighted, Jane especially was so cute stomping around in delight. The snow did not last long at our house, but the following Sunday we took a lazy drive up Millcreek Canyon. This was the snow at the top.

Our yard still looks like this. It has been such a lovely Fall. I need to nurse the baby more outside and enjoy this.

Clever Brian, while at the top of Millcreek, thought to bring some snow down the canyon for the kids to have a snowball fight. We still had 2 dutch ovens in our trunk from the family reunion in the beginning of August. Our car does not get cleaned out much and presently is very stinky. Oh well.
It was a great little snowball fight.

Jane had been asleep in the car but was happy to wake up to a snowball fight.

Some random McDonald's toy that helped Colin to hold a snowball. I suppose it gave Colin's hand a break from the cold. Sadly our kids have an amazing collection of Happy Meal toys from all over the world. We can't get rid of them because the kids really play with them a lot and keep stock. Colin spent several days very upset because he had some Happy Meal toy and could not find a piece of it. It drove us all crazy.

Jane got cold quickly and wanted gloves and her warm hat. I love her red hat. Phil&teds sent it to me last year as they are a parent company of a lovely line of wool clothing for kids, mokopuna. In other phil&teds news, I won a new hiking pack back and port a crib from an inline stroller photo contest recently, yay!! On their blog we will soon be rolling out a series of fun things to do with kids around the world. It has not been published on the phil&teds blog yet, but my first entry on Mexico City can be previewed here. And here is a link the the phil&teds blog. Kate's birth announcement was on there not long ago.

This is one of my new favorite photos.

We do like these kids.

And since Kate spent the snowball fight in her car seat and cuddling her Nana, here are a couple of photos of her (so she does not feel left out someday). She gets seriously cuter every day!

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Jane likes this dress-up dress since it touches the floor, making it a princess dress. She came down to ask me where her princess crown was. I was pleased that when she could not find her crown, a pirate hat would do.
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Eyes open

We are behind on photos, but about a month ago Kate started to have more alert times.

She is up 2 pounds from this photo and seems so much bigger already.

Brian made this clever co-sleeper. It is very nice to have more room in our bed.
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There are few things I love more than home made marshmallows. We were having some friends over for a fire and as we had no marshmallows, Brian made some. When I was looking for Colin and Jane, I found them outside sitting in the rocks and licking the marshmallow making instruments. It was very cute. I love little moments like this. I hope their childhoods are full of simple memories like sitting outside to lick the spoon and whip.

And for good measure, baby Kate asleep in our bed.