Scooby Doo

At the DI a couple years ago, I found a Mystery Machine for about $1. 

When Brian and I were at Toys R Us the 1 of 2 times we have been there as parents, we found the whole gang who fit the van perfectly. (Is it so mean?  I am trying to keep my kids sheltered from Toys R Us.  I don't want them to know it exsists.  I LOVED it so much as a kid, but as a parent, do not want to take the kids there!)   Our kids have been very Scooby focused recently, it has been very cute.  Although I should maybe be a little worried as Colin is learning weird Scooby facts and picking up on some fashion details. 

Fred and Shaggy disregarding our "fingers only" on the piano.  Those crazy kids! 
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We had a relatively elaborate party for our little 4 year old.  Is there any way we could get away with doing friend parties just every other year?  For the tea party, I got fancy cups at thrift stores and with porcelain safe paint, Brian painted all the little girls' names.  They then got to take the cups home.  I know how much Jane loves getting to use something glass so I thought they would enjoy their own glass cups. 

We set a fancy table outside.  Below, my mom made each little girl a bouquet of pansies, so cute!

We decorated cookies, which initially made Jane a bit moody when she could not control all the frosting. 

A little happier with the frosting tube. 

Colin made this cute 4 sign for his little sister.  He wanted to be a special helper at the party, and he was great. 

So maybe 4 year olds should not decorate their own cookies. 

I think they felt things were a little fancy and all the girls were super well mannered. Brian worried they were not having fun. It was SO different than any of Colin's parties.    

Our sweet birthday girl! 

For fun, I added streamers to the party hats.  They were wild in the wind.  Below, Jane contemplates the Cinderella cake.  Ok, so I had always wanted a cake like this as a little girl.  We got it from an awesome Mexican bakery, and the cake was yummy tres leches.  Go Rancho Market!!



Brian can't use normal matches when a culinary torch is an option.  It was pretty windy.  Cinderella did get her torso burned from the torch. 

Jane was doing a little Jane dance.  We had gone to a neighborhood breakfast in the morning and her name tag stayed on all day. 

I also got some fancy Mexican cookies.  The kids were a little sugared out (memo to myself for future years, LESS SUGAR!)  And below, some duck, duck goose. 



AND we had a pinata!!!  (Made by Daddy) 

Then Jane had to line up all her gifts (and she kept moving the line as Kate would crawl closer).  She has since kept most gifts in a large shopping bag she carries around the house.  Sweet, crazy girl, happy birthday!!
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Colin also had a little graduation from kindergarten thing.  (I did not graduate until High School!)  Colin's first day of school was Kate's birthday and the last day of school was Jane's. 

He brought some flowers for his teacher the last day. 

And below, random Spring school portrait.  I love the forced smile! 
Great job Colin!  1 year of school down, 16-20 years to go!!!
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One of her family gifts was with cute little photo album called "On the Day You Were Born".  I got one for Colin's birthday and he loved it.  The kids freqnetly choose their books for night time reading.   

And below are some of the photos from Jane's book of the day she was born. 

She was a very pretty newborn! 

These flowers were home when she came home. 
We also let Jane have her first friend party this year. 
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Again, behind on blogging.  Back in May Jane had an elaborate graduation from preschool.  Her teacher is wonderful and put on a great show.  She loved it! 

Only brought the little camera. . .  I think she liked her robes. 

Her darling teacher, and below, one of her very cute little friends. 
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