The Opera put us up in a great place.  Every inch was explored for playing options.  Colin is no stranger to getting under sinks, etc in temporary housing. 

Baby Colin in Mexico City!

So baby Kate was in good company. 
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She LOVED the soft dirt in Sedona.  She had started the day clean.  She bath water that night was very red with dirt. 

A lot of places we go, Jane just takes her own time lagging behind.  She is a strong willed little one, but so smart and sweet.  The other day after Christmas, I told her how I would have loved one of her toys when I was a little girl.  A couple minutes later she told me she would share her new toy with me.

We went to some fancy shopping place that had many fountains to enjoy. We got some Mexican food.   

And there were courtyards in which to run. 
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We had an accidental trip to Sedona.  Brian thought he had a patron event in Sedona (2 hours from Phoenix, 4 from Tucson) so we booked a non-refundable hotel room.  About an hour after it was booked, Brian realized the event was just in Phoenix.  As we were not getting money back, I dropped him off at the event, played with the kids at McDonalds, then drove to Sedona late at night.  Sadly, Colin had a weird upset stomach thing, but he pulled through. 

Jane loved playing in the sand on our Sedona hike. 

Since Colin was not feeling good, he was back in the stroller, poor guy. 

Bell Rock.  We hoped it would re-set our energies. 

The kids had a great time stacking rocks. 

Jane always has a bag of some little collection she has to carry around. 
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At our friend's house, Kate was totally obsessed with washing her hands.  We had a great time hanging out at their place.  It is really like visiting family. 

Jane loved their dress ups and sand box. 

Kate was also obsessed with their fish, who she thought were doggies.  She would bark at them. 

Colin and Miss L made a cute Chinese Dragon and did a little performance. 
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Also back in November, we headed down to Arizona to meet up with Brian where he was singing Romeo with Arizona Opera.  Lucky for us, the show opened in Tucson, giving us time with some of our most favorite people ever (old friends from college, not sure they like their names on the blog.) 

We spent a wonderful Arizona November afternoon in Sabino Canyon.  It was perfect, the kids were all so cute exploring the rocks.   

I think there was a bee around Jane. 

And Kate has a nice stroller nap.  We turned on her white noise that sounds like crickets that was funny to hear in the middle of the day. 

Jane's pocket's full of rocks. 

And we learned it is possible to pile 5 kids in our friend's stroller. 
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