It is a rare moment when Colin allows both a hat and scarf to be on his body. We took him out on a quick errand today since he did not want to go to down for an early nap. Although it has hardly been cold this Winter, we are ready for Spring.

I suppose I do not have to refer to Colin as the baby since he is nearly a one year old and he has proven to be bi-pedal. His toddling around is very sweet, and he is quite proud of himself. He still reverts to his speed crawl when we wants to get something quickly that we do not want him to get.

We are again away so Brian can be close to NYC for his current opera. Colin and I are staying in CT with family until the sublet we have arranged opens up at the month's end. Colin is having a great time with his cousins. He will be so lonely to find himself an only child again soon. We took some photos of he and Evan, but Colin was not in the most photo-friendly mood.

This week Colin took his first steps, got his fifth tooth, and claps his hands anytime we say "yay!" (It is very cute because he will stop whatever he is doing to clap.) Sadly, he has also had a cold which then turned into a family cold. We have barely left the house. We are curious to see where 2007 will take us.


I have enjoyed seeing where Colin's Cheerios end up on his body and everywhere else. He cried one Cheerio tear.