The day before the big snow, Brian worked to bring in as much food as possible. He had a great garden year and we had a very serious harvest. Jane likes to play in the dirt near the potatoes.

We plan to bake and eat this pumpkin. NPR had a great recipe for a cooked pumpkin here. The recipe is well worth it.

Some of the last tomatoes. Brian got over 300 pounds of tomatoes!

Colin thought just a warm hat would do it but no, had to get a jacket too.

Bringing in the squash. We have a great stash of lovely winter squash!

The end of the grapes.

After the first earlier snow, Brian made corn tee pees, which worked well. We had very yummy corn all through October.

It was a lovely, lovely Fall!!

Sad we did not get garden photos earlier in the year, it was a very beautiful garden this year.

Our Green Man, covered in Fall.

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More snow!

A few Saturdays ago, we woke up to a lot of snow! The kids were so cute and excited. They had me drag out all their their snow clothes and had to go outside even before breakfast. Colin did not last too long, but Jane stayed outside playing for a long time.

She stayed so long that I brought her some hot chocolate outside.

What I am most disliking about winter is sock wearing. I hate washing and trying to mate the socks. Other than that, winter is still fun right now. It will be fun until maybe February.
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We had our first of hopefully many Halloween parades at Colin's school. It was very cute.

Jane pouts on the floor a lot these days. I thought we were set having her be 3 by the time we had another baby but no, it is proving to be quite hard sometimes. Colin got much easier at 3 and was a very hard 2 year old, but Jane was an easy 2 year old and has proven to be a very hard 3 year old. She tells me "never ever!" a lot, and she can be less than pleasant at times. Oh well.

Brian waiting for the Halloween Parade. We got this awesome carseat strap. It is very nice especially in the cold weather as we don't need to take Kate out once she is bundled.

Jane on the ground yet again, not wanting to leave somewhere.

Jane also found that when you stick your head through these things, you get stuck.

Daddy had to rescue her.

We spent the Saturday before Halloween at the Aviary with some friends and got to do a Halloween scavenger hunt. Very fun!

Colin's scavenger hunt paper, and crazy hair from the ninja hood.

For Halloween, Brian had the idea to have us dress up as a Senior Missionary couple. I don't think people really got it when we were trick or treating with the kids. I am sure it just helped the neighbors further think we are weird.


Someone is getting very cute. We need to work harder to get more photos of her, and I don't think we have any video yet (we are disasters with video). She is starting to discover her hands and her voice which is so , so sweet.

Sometimes when you are only 2 months old, you fall over a bit.
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One year

While in Washington, we also got to see another young cousin who was in town from the DC area. We had not seen him since he was 6 weeks old and was very fun to see the little big guy.

He loves playing outside. I love the slightly sad face when his mom grabs onto him.

He thought the Schwan truck was a bus and started chasing it.

So happy outside!

Brian got this great series with the rocks.

Contmeplating the rocks. . .

And eating them.

I love his Mom's blurry hand to remove the rock.

Must taste multiple rocks.

So fun to be one! So busy.
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We used the days off for Fall break the end of October to head up to Washington for Stuckis to meet Kate. Here are a few photos from a sunny afternoon at the park. I have more of these prints to send to various family members as I went a little crazy making prints the other day. It is fun to have young cousins to play with as Colin and Jane also have first cousins in their late 20's.

Yay for cousin friends!
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