Easter baby

While I had wanted to get cute photos of the kids in their Easter clothes (they were so cute together!) sadly, Colin was out of his clothes immediately after church and Jane was crying on the floor in the kitchen.  Thankfully, Kate cooperated for some cute photos.  She really does get cuter every day.  Her hair is starting to come in, much darker than the other kids.  And just in the past couple of days she is officially crawling!  She has been rolling around and backing up for a long time, but now there is forward motion.  Wow, I am going to get even less done. 

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Our kids both got some "magic jellybeans" the night before Easter (thanks Pinterest) that the kids planted in our special Spring flowers.  They were delighted to see what grew by morning, Peeps on a stick! Below, Colin, the still hard to photograph 6 year old.  Poor guy, he tried planting a jellybean the day after Easter too but we told him the magic only works the night before Easter. 

Jane was so cute and totally delighted, quickly eating her Peeps for breakfast.  

The kids also got some party poppers in their basket.  Sadly I was not fast enough to get more in the frame.  Party poppers are still entertaining to me. 

And I LOVE the mini-sized Cadburry eggs.  The full size ones make me sick to think about, but a little mini one, yes please!

By the end of the day after way more candy than real food, Jane was on the floor crying.  Happy Easter to us!  It was a fun time though.  The day before Easter my brother has a huge party that I did not get photos of because we got to go shoot a wedding.  I'll post some photos later for Alisa. 
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When you are a child of Brian Stucki, sometimes there is flambe at breakfast.  Pretty great, the other day while making green beans, Jane requested the fire thing. 

Fire, and more fire!

We decorated cup cakes.  I tried to keep the decorations in one place. 

Kate takes it all in. 

Colin found some bolts that kept him entertained for a while. 

Tomato seedlings, it is that time. 

And Friday of Spring Break, SNOW!  Jane always lasts longer than Colin does outside.  It is cute to hear her singing and talking as she plays.  Poor thing, she may always have big brother snow hand me downs.  I did get her some very cute snow boot this year to make up for the blue and green old boy snow clothes.  Of course in the year when I have good boots for both kids we don't get a ton of snow. 
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Spring break

A recent s'more night after dinner while on Spring Break. Our kids would have us make a fire every night.

The kids were told to stop sticking things in the fire.

Colin's bewildered face to the "don't stick things in the fire" statement from his dad.

Brian brings out the guitar, it's a good time. I think it is our new van's first photo on the blog too, welcome navy blue Stucki van (on the left in the photo)! We are adjusting to life as a minivan family. Our darling little Prius needs a $5,000 repair. As it is not worth half that much, it is on the way out. We added a towing service to our insurance for it that we had to use this week when it died on the freeway. Oh little Prius! We hoped for a couple more years!!

We have had a gorgeous Spring! Everything was in bloom at once.
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Kate is on the move! She is all over the place and frequently backs under furniture.  She gets up on all fours and wiggles her bum.  I have even seen her practice lifting her hands up one by one.  It will not be long not until she is everywhere purposfully. 

And I did Jane's preschool photos not long ago.  She was pretty cute. 
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