One of the first things we did was to find a restroom (although someone was asked to please use the potty before we left).

We enjoyed the many water features.

There was a crazy storm coming in, such great light! Colin even already appreciates when it is rainy and sunny.

Jane had taken her shoes off and was ready to go in, if not for the Daddy.

Good times.
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Here is a photo that pretty well explains why we sacrifice to travel as a family.
Brian wanted to go up the canyon for father's day, mainly as a way to hopefully keep our crabby kids happy. We have spent the last 5 days working very hard on a benefit for our Birth Center. We were very happy to help and would do it again, but it has taken a lot out of us all (kids included). Brian was over the food (for about 200 people) and we both worked hard on lots of details. Since we are gone so much and miss lots of volunteer opportunities, we feel we have made up for a few years. Nice to have worked for the birth center on Father's Day Eve, seems appropriate.

The kids enjoyed the spray from the water on the right.

Thank you Monkey Harness and Daddy's firm grip on Jane. She loves water so much that she would probably happily throw herself into the very fast moving water.

We had a very pleasant little walk. When we came home the green Jell-o Colin made before dinner had set and made the kids very happy. Then Colin ate a second dinner. He must be working on a few more inches, he is hungry all the time!
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Since we were gone for Jane's birthday, I have been trying to do some things for her this week. Colin reminded me that we had not gotten her any presents, silly parents! We got her a red velvet cake to eat at a big Hinckley dinner last night that she finished with today's lunch.

After finding the Fisher Price Main Street at our local DI and having our kids play with a bunch of great old Fisher Price toys at a friend's house last week, I decided Jane's b-day would be focused around old Fisher Price toys. I spent $1.50 on the Main Street, but quickly spent more getting tons of cars, buses, the Camper, etc.

Colin was also delighted. It is so cute to listen to his imaginary play with these toys I once knew so well.

Crazy hair from pulling out the pony tails after only having about 15 minutes of sleep.

I love these old toys! I freely admit that this all was a gift for me too. I played with my FP toys so much! Sadly, my mom did not hold on to them.

Blurry photo, but shows a little of the new kitchen.

The first batch of FP toys I got did not have any people, but thanks to ebay, our people came today! So much more fun when you have the people! If anyone out there knows anyone with old Fisher Price toys they do not want please send them my way! I mostly want the old parking garage but would be happy with many! I need to be checking the second hand stores frequently as things get pricey on ebay.

Way back in Arizona, Brian re-created his award winning pie to share with opera colleagues and I got a few photos. Please observe the beauty and tastiness. Can you see the bits of caramely sugared ginger baked into the crust? Can you see the pastry flakes that shatter and melt in your mouth?

This time our dear friend Jet lent us a real pie plate, so the crust came out much happier.
So maybe I want some pie right now but alas, we have no pie.
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Memorial Day weekend was spent on the Olympic Peninsula with Brian's siblings and families. Just a small little handful of people, no? I am sorry for the less-than-ideal lighting. It was dark outside and we were using three flashes which gave some crazy shadows.
It was a good time, and Colin LOVED playing with all the big cousins! Jane did better than I thought she would. Our poor kids, since we travel so much they probably thought we would just live here for a month.

Parents and siblings.

On our way to my sister's house, we took a ferry. Our kids were delighted as we drove on the boat. It was a beautiful day, just a little windy.

Jane was entertained by climbing up and down these stairs. She would sing "sube" and "baja" (up and down in Spanish) from a Diego cartoon. So smart! Thanks Nick Jr.!

She also had to explore inside. It was a great ferry.

Hello Seattle! It is a pretty city.

I had not had time to post the end of May's graduation ceremony from Colin's preschool. Here he is with cute Mrs. Sarah. He was asking her a lot of questions about the "diploma" she was giving him. Sadly, Jane was playing with the camera and deleted several other cute photos. (Lesson: don't let Jane touch the camera.)
We have been happy with his preschool experience. He has learned and matured a lot this year, and they have been flexible with us taking him out of school for months at a time.

The theme was "Oh the Places You'll Go" and the kids got to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up. Colin wanted to be an Animal Rescuer, like Diego, but I think more he wants to be Diego. He gets very confused sometimes since Diego is a little boy but he does things like drive jeeps.
Mrs. Sarah said it was funny getting ready for the program because Colin would talk about all of our travels. She said the other kids would ask things like "what is a Poland?" to try and understand the things Colin was talking about.

Colin and Jane chose to eat their refreshment sitting in the front of the room.

The kids enjoyed some playtime after the party. They love a good slide train.
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Jane discovers how fun it is to make weeds.
And seems like the photos are not posting, great, one of my favorite things.