Way back again in November when we were in AZ, we spent 2 afternoons at the Arizona Science Center.  I wish I had used this better when we were on the road most of the year, but ASCT memberships have reciprocal benefits to lots of museums.  I did it wrong bu not joining our local museums thinking we would not be home enough to use the memberships but I was WRONG!  Reciprocal museum memberships are wonderful!  The AZ Science Center was wonderful1 

They had a great Lego exhibit.  We love Lego.  

Kate just hanging out on the beach playing lego. 

Kate took off with the small intestines. 

And the most life-changing for my kids, they had a huge model of a human stomach that was a slide.  The slide made realistic and LOUD digestive noises.  Hence, we called it the Fart Slide.  Jane said it best with, "I liked it because it farts and it is a slide." 

We spent a lot of time wheelchair racing. 

And playing in models of the heart. 

This was some digital exhibit, and below, that lovely image of me was frozen huge on the wall.  One of the most fun things that I did not get a photo of, there was an exhibit on extreme weather.  They had a show where you could feel earthquakes and the heat of fires and the wind and rain of hurricanes, etc.  It was very, very cool. 
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