Not so inspired to blog recently. I need to get out the camera more, our kids are doing very cute summer things but the end of pregnancy is taking all my energy. Pregnancy is going well but just in the last few days I have started to get more swollen. Hopefully we will have a baby in 2-6 weeks! Thankfully, we have lots of family visits in the next couple weeks which makes the time go faster and keeps Colin and Jane happy with cousins.

We took a few quick family photos a few weeks ago when the kids looked cute.

I need to take a good after photo also, but this was Brian mid-hair cut from super long to super short. He was getting a good pony tail (and I do really think he looks awesome in a pony tail) but his short hair is also very attractive. I just hope the short hair will not bring a serious church responsibility.

Colin drew this family portrait downtown at one of the kid's exhibits. I like my big baby belly, and Colin thought my crazy hair that seems to envelope the whole family was pretty funny. I have been slacking on the kids' art time, I need to plan more projects for them but so tired all the time!

Just some cute photos of Jane, I think back from May actually. I had the backdrop set up for another shoot and stuck Jane in front of it. She was darling (of course!)

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A few more

I think I have posted most of our best of photos, but wanted to include this great photo Brian got of the castle. If we had had kids with us, we would have been begged to get a balloon. I think this photo would be fun to enlarge for the kids' room.

And for Colin, he was very amazed at these photos of a real Hot Wheel car. The weekend before I got to Warsaw there was some big car race around the theatre, which Brian said was very, very noisy.

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