Someone hit the jackpot finding the powdered sugar.  She may be very disappointed someday when she finds the less tasty flour. 
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Both big kids have become very Lego focused.  Kate is also lego focused, but she just wants to eat them.  Colin recently saved some money (and spent the tooth fairy money he had acquired) and bought his own Ninjago Lego set.  He has the first season on dvd but needed some legos.  (Holy brilliant marketing with the lego movies.  I admire it and hate it at the same time.) 

We ordered the set on amazon and it was super exciting when the UPS man came with his package.  Colin rushed outside and told the UPS guy about his new Ninjago set.   

And some Jane

Colin teaching the baby some ninja moves.  She seems unsure about it. 
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Brian has become quite the toy sword maker for kids in the neighborhood in the last few months.  Jane needed one too, so he made a pink sword.  She is a Princess Warrior. 

And some fighting. . .

Mind the baby!!!  (see her head in the bottom right of the frame?)
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About a week after Colin started school, Jane had her first day of her last year of pre-school.  Kate had been sick and my mom was nice to take her.  She was beyond excited.  We go to a great little home preschool and Jane is learning so much!  Kindergarten is going to be boring for her. 

And below, we went to our friend's wedding where we were photographed in the moon! 
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1 year

In just a year we went from the above to the below.   

I love her little expression!  These photos were taken by a friend in the neighborhood who was taking a photo class and needed a 12 month old.  She got some nice shots. 
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We had a lot of firsts in August.  We have a one year old! 

She does not know who Tinker Bell is, but thought this cake was pretty cute.  Tinker Bell in the first Disney film is actually quite terrible. 

Jane loved the cake. 

She took off walking a few days after we were home from Yellowstone and has not looked back. 

So overwhelming to turn one! 

Wondering what the bug fairy is doing on her tray. 

The frosting was very green.  And below, there was still green up her nose after the clean up. 

She is such a sweet little busy girl!  Seems like she has always been with us! 
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Not long after we were home, school started for Colin!!  Here he is getting a good teeth brushing in.  (The mirror is high, hence the standing on the toilet.) 

He was so excited, and had a great day.  He LOVES having three recesses!  Frequently after school I will ask him how the day was and he says, "it was good Mom, actually, it was great!" 

After school playing with a corn stock.  Brian got beautiful corn this year that we enjoyed for a long time.

And below, some outside night time reading of Narnia.  Colin is loving them, Jane still seems a little young but may be getting more than we think.  As I walk to school with Colin in the mornings, I usually have him give me a what they read in Narnia update. 
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