Halloween was crazy!  I last year I sat some things out with a little baby, but we were going full force this year.  I think we had 5 or 6 parties, back and forth from schools a ton, and then trick or treating.  We also went trick or treating at the Gateway the weekend before.  The kids loved everything, and minus the bad behavior that can come from too much candy, I do love the community aspect of the holiday. 

Kate was this darling monkey, re-cycled from Colin in Kansas City, 2007

For most of the parties, Jane was a princess, but then wanted to dress up in Colin's red ninja costume from last year to trick or treat.  Colin also wanted to change his costume 20 minutes before he was supposed to be at school on Halloween.  I did not have time for the quick change.  As getting out the door is hard enough, I could not do it. 

Getting ready to trick or treat with some neighborhood friends.  Kate looks concerned with all the swords. 

Jane not quite sure how to pose as a ninja with her warrior princess sword. 

and below, Colin's cute class at school, with ninja Colin in the front. 

The end of October and most of November are a bit of a blur.  Brian had a great gig with Arizona Opera (Romeo!) and he left on 10/23.  I had nice help from my mom, but I was very worn out without him!  We were able to travel to meet him and only returned right before Thanksgiving.  So very behind on the blog and my blurb family year books!  Kate is very, very busy and a climber.  And now for this post, we had a fun earlier snow, and it stayed around to play in after school.  The kids were beyond excited.  I remember being super excited with the first snow as a child. 

Kate's little hand print in the snow. 

No choice but to sled. 

And then Kate got mad that the snow was cold.  I have mittens for her that she takes off immediately. 
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It seemed to be a normal day back in September. . . it was nice and while playing outside I got some photos.  Above, Kate vs. green scooter. 

Jane-pre scar (story to follow)

So, we were getting ready to go and buy Jane a new bike helmet. I was changing the baby/getting ready, and Jane was bouncing on our exercise ball that I had only re-inflated earlier that day.  Somehow, she bounced off it and hit her chin hard on our cement floor.  It was bleeding, and she was crying, and when I looked at it, I knew it needed more than a band aid.  The wound was about the size of a quarter and I could see facial fat.  I had no butterfly bandages in the house, and with a facial wound, thought I better get to the doctor.  I called and they got me right in and our kind neighbor picked Colin up from school.  Jane was pretty upset, mainly as she thought it might involve a shot.  I explained to her about stitches, which she thought was funny until thinking about getting them herself.  When our doctor saw how upset she was, he glued instead.  I again freaked out when the glue came off in four days and again just seemed like an new open wound.  And now I freak out noticing all the ways our kids could again split their chins open. 

Jane post doctor, showing her glue job.  She is covered in orange creamie (for being a good girl) and doctor stickers.  Our doctor said about 50% of the population has a similar scar on their chin.  It's really not too bad, hardly notice it now.  I was traumatized, not fun at all! 

And a couple more photos playing in the rocks at the end of the day.  It was quite the day.  
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