Hot Springs, Arkansas

On our way home, we stopped in Hot Springs, AR. It not only is where President Clinton when to High School, but it also has amazing old bath houses from the turn of the of last century. We toured the one that is now a museum and it was beautiful. The culture of the bath houses sounds very relaxing. People would take three weeks to come and take the cure- a long hot mineral bath, steaming, hot compresses, and swedish massage every day for three weeks. We don't know how to slow down that much anymore. There is still one bath house in operation. If we had had a baby-sitter and about $100 to burn, we would have loved to have taken even better advantage of being in Hot Springs.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hot Springs is very fun! But it's not in Alaska! :D

    Glad y'all are doing well! And WOW! Colin is walking!
    Ann said...
    We would have really taken the long way home from Dallas if we drove through Alaska.

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