Tel Aviv

We arrived to Tel Aviv last weekend. The trip went very well, considering we were traveling with a 14 month old. He even was great with a more than two hour delay on the plane in London. Colin seems to have adjusted well to the seven hour time change, while Brian and I were up in the middle of the night for a while last night. We watched the end of Shindler’s List in the middle of the night because today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. This morning at 10am the sirens went off and everyone stopped. We are on a very busy street but everything stood still.

We are in a very comfortable little apartment that is two blocks from the beach. We have gone to watch the sunset the last three evenings. It is beautiful, and Colin loves to be outside. He loves the sand and found out quickly it is not so good for eating. There are lots of little playgrounds around and we spend a lot of time outside. We are happy to be in 70 degree weather instead of the 30’s like it was in the Midwest when we left.

We made it to Church on Saturday, since they hold meeting in accordance with local customs. We walked to the meetings, which proved to be quite an adventure. I am very happy to know there are people to help us if we need, and hopefully we can help out too. I translated Sunday School and Relief Society for some Spanish speaking sisters. My Spanish feels a bit rusty but it is fun to have an outlet. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.
To the handful of people who understand the joke of Brian's shirt, Skipper has made it to Israel.

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  1. april said...
    it looks beautiful! glad you got there safe.
    april said...
    Ann (this is Pat, by the way), is that my old skipper t-shirt? (Did I have a skipper t-shirt? I think I did).
    Anonymous said...
    Glad to see that you made it safe and sound. It looks so beautiful there. I am so jealous. Hope you have lots of fun...Oh, and I want in on the Skipper sounds fun.

    Ann said...
    About Skipper, yes Pat, it is your old shirt. Years ago I got it out of one of your discarded clothes pile. Since then, Skipper has traveled the world with me. It has been to England, Guatemala, and now Israel as well as a few places in the States. Brian wears is since it is a bit much with my current condition if nursing.
    Ann said...
    of I mean, not if. Colin is going crazy and I should pay better attention to him than the computer.
    letters to my future kids said...
    I am glad to see Skipper on the other side of the world.
    Do you remember the day that you wore Skipper and I wore Lucky and the we decided we would have to switch because it didn't look so nice having luck written across my ample bossom? (Lesson: Don't try wearing the Lucky shirt now that you better understand my plight) Those were the days.

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