I have not downloaded from our little camera in more than a month. The above photo was when Colin's birthday Lightning McQueen attached to his head. It's a remote control so the wheels move if it is on. I heard Colin fussing and went in to find this. Being a bad mom, I grabbed the little camera, which made Colin try to re-attach it when we had rescued his head.

A very blurry photo (Colin had gotten the camera and changed some settings and this was so cute I did not have time to adjust things). Colin was giving Jane some love.

For one of DanaLee's birthday dinners we took the kids to Red Robin. Red Robin himself (in the form of a man in costume) was visiting that night. We told Colin that he is friends with Mickey Mouse and lives at Disneyland.

When we came home, Colin's Nana got him this great trampoline for his birthday. Both he and Jane love it, although in the photo Colin was complaining that the camera was burning his eyes. It has been a big relief to finally be home after so long away. We arrived home about 1:30 in the morning over a week ago. Colin was so happy to see all of his toys that he was tyring to remember where every toy had come from. Very cute.
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  1. Julie said...
    Colin & little Jane are sooo cute! I love that Red Robin & Mickey Mouse are friends, really - I'm sure they are, that was great.
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    Jane attempting to jump on the trampoline on the tile floor= SCARY!
    susan m hinckley said...
    Happy Birthday and welcome home, Ann!
    Belated, I know, but it took me some time to recover from hearing how old you are . . .

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