Candy, candy CANDY!!!

There is a great candy factory in Denver, with free tours! How could we not check it out! Thank you Hammond's, we will even try to make it back while we are still here.

Colin watching the candy making magic. He watched some Willy Wonka at our friends house in Poland so he was excited to see how it is done.
Kind of funny, earlier in the day that we went, Brian was telling me about an article he read about the true evils of corn syrup. At least candy is not kidding about their corn syrup, now lets just get it out of everything else we eat.

Jane went for a daddy ride. She did not allow me to pull her hair back so she's looking a little wild.

This lolly is available for photos.

Everything was so beautiful! So great to see things that are finely made. I think Santa may need to bring our kids a couple of these candy canes next Christmas.

Colin looks a little sad with his new, huge treat. I have no idea where the serious face came from.

A littler happier and finally. . .

Very happy.
It was very cool to see how they make these lovely lollipops.

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  1. Julie said...
    Ann, your photos are truly beautiful. You should sell them to the candy company in this case, or to the cities you visit for their tourist pamphlets, posters, websites. Really, they are so pretty & rich.
    Not to mention fun & super cute with your funny little kids :)
    With as much as you travel & all the photographs you take you should capitalize on them!

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