It somehow made sense to come home from AZ through Southern California. We had to fit in a few days of Disneyland (to make the most of the end of Colin's annual pass). Since we travel so much, it makes traveling for pleasure not so fun sometimes, but Disneyland is just for our family. We got to see and stay with some good friends (who even let us stay an extra night since Jane was a little under the weather. Today we found out she has strep throat. Poor thing, no other symptoms but a tummy ache that would come and go since May 6th but sure is strep. Brian and Colin had it last week, it has been crappy.)

But at Disneyland, Colin was so happy to see Mickey, and Mickey gave him a big hug.

Colin was being a little funny meeting Lightning McQueen and Mater. So overwhelming!

We spent a couple nights at a hotel a couple blocks from the park (go hotwire.com!) and Colin loved his "transformer" bed.

We came back from the park very tired.

We had fun watching Brian take off on the roller coaster at California Adventure. It is a great roller coaster.

We went on Mickey's Fun Wheel (a large Ferris wheel) in a swinging cage, which was really pretty crazy. It really swings out which made us all a little nervous.

Jane sometimes allows piggy tails, it is very cute.

And she still had stroller napping skills, yay! Jane was tall enough to ride the Matterhorn and she loved it! We were a little nervous about Jane on this trip since she is very opinionated these days, but she really did great. She did ok in lines and loved everything! Poor little thing, her tummy ache that we found out today is strep started at Disneyland. She probably licked some infested poll somewhere.

Colin found out that when he stretches the elastic on his hat down to his waist, if you let it go, it hurts.

Jane got pink Mickey Ears. They are very cute. (Shirtless photos taken at home. We enforced shirt wearing at Disneyland. Even when she threw up on her shirt, she had to wear her sweat shirt.)

Colin is at a funny phase for having his photo taken.

Thanks Disneyland and Zollingers. We had some good times.
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