Presents and cake

We had Colin wait until his actual birthday for our gifts. I had not really thought about how kids bring gifts too when you throw a party so Colin got a lot of birthday loot! I always think we will not over do it, but we always do. Such fun though to celebrate Colin!
He has been very excited about Bakugans. We don't totally understand. (We might not be intended to understand.)
And one of the Bakugan's open, to Colin's extreme delight.

I expanded our vintage Little People collection, which I admit was a little present for me too. Colin was happy to have a son for his favorite little person, Greener as he has named him. They really are such great toys, I love that they require some imagination.
Got a Little People tow truck, and more pieces to the Main Street set we already had.

Since Nana got Colin a big Automoblox for Christmas, we added to his set too. They are lovely toys. We have quite a little collection now.

Nana got Colin a sparkler 5 for his cake, very exciting!! As part of getting over jet lag in Italy, a couple times I sent Colin to bed with some index cards to make his own birthday plans. It was really cute because I could hear Colin discussing plans with Jane for quite awhile. Anyway, one of his plans was to have fireworks for his birthday so Nana pulled it off!

The cake was a Triple Chocolate Mousse cake by Cooks Illustrated, although he hoped for the Castle Cake from his Dora and Diego cookbook. (He told us too late the day before his birthday after all the shopping had been done.) He was still delighted (and the cake was quite amazing). Brian wants someone to make this cake for his birthday but it seems way too many steps for me. I may not be up to much by the time Brian's birthday comes around, we shall see.


  1. Jet said...
    I'll make Brian the cake, if he'll make me that pinata for my bday. So cool. Lovin' the ax, too. Happy Birthday, Colin!! Can't believe he's 5. Ca-raaa-zy.
    The Wards said...
    Is there a "reason" you won't be up to such a complicated cake by the time Brian's birthday rolls around? ; ) (I hope so!)
    staceygriff said...
    I'll have to buy you something here in Beijing with the Rabbit on it, since we see Rabbit stuff all over. It's also my Sofi's sign, great sign by the way. Congrats on numero tres. That's very exciting.

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