Alpine Loop 2011

A month ago now, we headed to check out Fall up the Alpine Loop. (Wow I'm behind on blogging! Three kids seems to take 98-99% of my time.) It was a perfect afternoon. We did not drive the above car but it was fun that it was there to greet us in the parking.

It is our first full Fall in Utah since we moved here (just one trip to Washington, no extended absences thankfully with the new baby). It has been lovely.

My mom was in the middle of making the grape juice from the 1/3 acre of grapes. Jane had a grape juice face for several days. Who are her parents that let her go out like this?

Kate slept during our little hike and was very sweet.

Hiking was a bit slow going with Jane. She enjoyed stopping.

Bright sun. We hit the light perfectly.

Jane enjoys standing on any large rocks she can find.

And Colin has been working on his leaf collection. He found a soft leave that he loved.

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  1. Joshua Tolley said...
    Your pictures reminded me of an autumn morning I once spent hiking with an uncle of mine. Since there was some chance of hunters in the woods, my uncle wisely chose to wear bright colors. Unfortunately we were hiking through aspens, and the bright yellow shirt he chose exactly matched the yellow aspen leaves. We managed, nonetheless, not to get shot, and were glad.

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