Merry Christmas

Santa found us far from home and treated us all very well this year. Although Brian does not agree with my collage mania, it is late at night and I wanted to post more photos than I should.

Brian got us a new lens for Christmas that is very exciting.

Colin looks a little dazed at the end of Christmas morning presents.

And our little Jane is ready to take off crawling and has two more teeth with two more close to cutting. She seems to be in a big hurry to grow up. She continues to be a very sweet little girl who is finding her voice more and more and can be very noisy.
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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    I had heard rumors about the gingerbread house so I had to head over to stuckihouse to check for possible photos. Just as grand as I imagined! Glad you guys had a great Christmas and extra glad you posted photos. Happy New Year!

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