New Years Eve Eve

We spent the penultimate afternoon of 2008 at Pikes Place and near there. I loved this guy holding flowers.

Salsa Lizano is kind of the national salsa of Costa Rice. After spending about 6 months in there, I love it and have had trouble buying it recently. The little Latin market near Pike Place was selling it for nearly $14! For that price I only took a photo and left it at the store.

Post Alley has a lot of gum. Lots.

Happy New Year

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  1. Jeanette said...
    eew, there's a gum alley like that in San Luis Obispo CA. one was interesting . . but two?
    malia said...
    AMAZING pictures!!!
    susan m hinckley said...
    Oh, how we miss it! Thanks for sharing your time in Seattle with us. Your blog is my personal travel magazine.

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