Hello from Princeton

We arrived to the Princeton, NJ area last Friday and things are very, very lovely. We are actually staying with some generous patrons in a darling town just over the NJ border in PA. We are in the part of the home that was built in 1830 and are right on the river. We wandered around the Princeton campus yesterday and it is beautiful.

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  1. singin'mama said...
    Brian's got that distinguished professor look going on. It suits him! We would love to see you guys while you are close if you have time! I was really bummed it didn't work out last time.
    Julie said...
    Princeton is a gorgeous campus & town. I served my mission there, loved it!!! Have fun!
    april said...
    where's your 1 year old photo collage of jane??!! just assumed you would have had 10 different versions completed by now. hope you are enjoying your day with the birthday girl. happy b-day, jane. we look forward to seeing you guys at the end of june.

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