Mickey Mouse

We drove to California last Sunday to get a few days in at Disneyland. It was crazy since we travel so much (but maybe that is part of the problem. We had a chance to be in our own bed for an entire month and since we are not used to that we had to leave). It was fun to travel just for Disney fun. We stayed with the Zollingers and got to see Susan on our way home in Las Vegas. We are so happy they both would have us!

The above photo is of Colin waiting to talk to Mickey. Brian was in line but Colin had to go up at sit to watch him better.

He was so excited, but then a little overwhelmed.

Colin got a new pirate sword and can't stop singing "yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me''. He and Brian are making a pirate flag as I write this, and he has spent a lot of time in his pirate costume from last Halloween.

We kind of love Disneyland.
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    yay for disneyland!!!

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